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Using Schema in Graph Databases such as Neo4j

Graph databases have an easygoing laissez-faire attitude: "express yourself (almost) however you want"... By contrast, relational databases come across with an attitude along the lines of a micro-manager:  "my way or the highway"... Is there a way to take the best of both worlds and distance oneself from their respective excesses, as best suited for one's needs? (Note: this is part2 of a 2-part series on Graph Databases and Neo4j.   For part 1, see here . This part2 is currently at a draft stage) Let's Get Concrete Consider a simple scenario with data such as the Sample, Experiment, Study, Run Result , where Samples are used in Experiments, and where Experiments are part of Studies and produce Run Results.  That’s all very easy and intuitive to represent and store in a Labeled Graph Database such as Neo4j .   For example, a rough draft might go like this:   The “labels” (black tags) represent the Class of the data – akin to table names of relational d