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Proceedings from Longevity Science Conferences 2021

Ending Age-Related Diseases 2021 This post is in-progress!  The conference just ended on Aug. 22;  as I clean up my notes, I'll post them here.  Please come back for future updates... Link to conference  (Notes and screenshots taken - and sometimes annotated - by me.  I will later contact the presenters to offer them the option to review them for accuracy...) Science at SENS Research Foundation 2021 Talk by Alexandra Stolzing , Professor for Biogerontological Engineering, VP of Research at SENS Research Foundation ("Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence".) This overview talk immediately emphasizes that the aging process involves multiple broad fundamental categories of physiological change.  Those are related to what are often referred as "the Hallmarks of Aging" , as I detail in my intro post on Longevity Science .  In this talk, 7 of those categories are identified, and given convenient icons (rightmost column) that make it easier to refer to them: