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WW II - Best Documentaries & Fictional Films

This blog is primarily about knowledge and discovery in Science and Technology.  But the nadir of the human race during WW II is a sharp reminder that knowledge/sophistication without humanity is not even remotely good! Well, History falls among my interests, as detailed in my blog entry on courses I took (scroll to bottom.)  And WW II is a gripping chapter of history.  Personally, I had relatives who lived thru it... so that adds an extra sharp edge. In addition to the courses mentioned in the above blog entry, I have watched large numbers of both documentaries and dramatic films about WW II...  and I wrote down my impression and evaluation. All the fictional and non-fictional suggestions here are movies/documentaries I "really" liked or "loved" . I did NOT include the ones I disliked or felt lukewarm about it. All the blurbs are my own mini reviews, from the time I watched them. NON-FICTION Operation Valkyrie: The Stauffenberg Plot to Kill Hitler Informative, e