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Online Course Review: "An Introduction to Formal Logic" (prof. Gimbel, from "The Great Courses")

Informative, fascinating class and a VERY entertaining professor, with a delightful understated humor and clear explanations, motivations and examples. I was expecting a class entirely about Mathematical Logic... so I was surprised (a good surprise, it turned out) when I discovered that this class roams much more broadly into the Philosophy of Logic.  I was satisfied that enough chapters were about Mathematical Logic - and actually I found the broader context interesting.  For example, I had long heard about Aristotle's syllogisms , but had never looked into them. While there are no Math prerequisites for this class, you'll probably find your head spin by the middle of the course, unless you have a "mathematical predisposition."  (I have a Master's in Math, so for me it was a fun and light "feasting on proofs"...  but a lot of people might feel differently!)  Nonetheless, this great course is quite worthwhile to at least START...