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Online Course Review: "Mysteries of Time" (prof. Sean Carroll, from "The Great Courses")

What is Time?  And why does it seem to "flow" in just one direction ("arrow of time")? Few questions could be more spellbinding - and almost intractable - than that! In this blog, I'll periodically include detailed reviews of some online courses I've taken. REVIEW OF ONLINE COURSE " Mystery of Time " (course by Cal Tech prof. Sean Carroll, produced by "The Great Courses" in 2012) Another fascinating course by Sean Carroll!  He's very ambitious to not only tackle the Universe - and the difficult abstract concept of Time's Arrow (direction) - but also to make it accessible (sort of) to a (serious and determined) lay audience. Speaking of "layperson", even though that's the intended audience, I'd only recommend this course to people who are used to, at the VERY least, watching (and enjoying!) documentaries on topics such as quantum mechanics and relativity. Let's face it: to seriously tackle